Did you know my last name, Baum, means Tree in German?

When I was a child I loved climbing trees. We had a huge pine tree in our backyard in Royal Oak, Michigan, that I climbed all the time. I can still smell the scent of pine and feel the stickiness on my hands from the sap. Us kids would also used to make necklaces out of the needles. So many good memories from growing up around trees.

What I learned from trees- everything!

  • How to stand tall
  • How to sway with the winds of change
  • How to grow each year to a stronger being
  • How to stay rooted to the earth
  • How to always reach for the stars
  • How to bend without breaking
  • How to protect my inner spirit with layers of light
  • How to spread my wings and absorb love from the universe


Categories: 30 till 60

Lynne Baum

Lynne Baum, ERYT, has been a full-time Yoga teacher since 2001. She believes meditation is the highest form of practice. and is writing her first book about the practice of Yin yoga.