Our Intention:

This website is intended to be a resource for everything YIN.

Lynne’s  study of Buddhism over the last 15 years has convinced her that compassion is the key to true happiness. Most importantly, self-compassion, and that’s where Yin yoga comes in.

She believes that we are all connected and that we are here on this planet to support one another. and that’s what Lynne loves to do.

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  • better sleep
  • lower stress
  • more ease in movements
  • better focus
  • improved organ function
  • better energy flow through meridians
  • a deeper sense of peace
"Yin is becoming one of the most popular styles of yoga taught in the West. The reasons will be clear once you try it for yourself!" -Lynne

You can regain the flexibility you once had. You just have to be willing to do the work.

With continuous practice it is common to experience better sleep, less auto pilot reactions, and more ease in the normal stressful  situations that life can bring.

What is Yin?

Yin yoga is a special kind of yoga that brings all of the same benefits as other styles, except it targets the joints of the body on a physical level  and healing to the meridian system on an energetic level..

Yin Yoga concentrates on the hips, lower back and sacrum. And helps bring balance into busy, fast paced life by teaching us how to SLOW DOWN & LET GO.


Yin is known as the Yoga for “Flexibility” and targets the connective tissue of the joints.  Other styles of yoga target the muscle and help with strength and mobility. Whereas Yin improves flexibility, also known as our range of motion,  or ROM.

By holding the postures while relaxing the muscle, the stretch reaches deep into the joints where the bones are connected by ligaments. Ligaments are super strong, dry, plastic like tissue. Therefore, it is necessary to hold each posture for time in order to create any lasting change.

Yin yoga also helps bring balance to the meridian system. Meridians are energy pathways that carry chi or prana to all of the organs in the body. This can help them work more efficiently and effectively.


Yin can feel very grounding and is sometimes referred to as “Earth Yoga”. The sensations of the body during the postures help bring the mind away from thinking and more towards feeling. When we get present with the body we begin to develop the BODY/MIND connection known as Yoga.

Most Yin postures are done close to the earth while attempting to remain still. This allows the mind to be aware without judgement, which is  called “Mindfulness”. During a typical class this is often referred to as “witnessing”.

By seeing your body and mind from this new viewpoint you are able to create some space where the mind can relax and allow different perspectives in. By widening the lens on things we are able to let go more deeply,  which also helps with the physical healing of the body 

Better focus and concentration can also develop while practicing Yin Yoga and eventually seep into the everyday moments of life. This is called Dharana in the eight limb system of Yoga.


The deeper we can relax the easier it is to drop into the spaces of the body, mind and heart. In these spaces we are set free to explore a more natural state of bliss, the one we were born with. Some call it spirit or God or universe. No matter what you call it Yin will help you know who you are on a deeper and more compassionate level.

Many things may occur during the postures; emotions rise up, memories appear, thoughts stream in, sensations get stronger.

We try to NOT react during these times to help develop self-acceptance. This is our opportunity to cultivate deep inner peace, concentration and a deeper connection to our true nature.

In yoga we believe our natural state is one of



After practicing Yin Yoga it is not out of the ordinary to feel deeply relaxed and energized all at once.