Who Needs Yin Yoga?

Anyone who wants to feel more Flexible Physically, Mentally & Spiritually!

Yin Can Help Heal Your Body

Healing means bringing things back into balance. When our systems are off we feel it in every aspect of our lives. Moderation is the key. Yin brings harmony into your body, mind and heart.

Your Mind

You may think that you are your thoughts. Most people do! But that means that your mind is running the show. Learn to take a step back to witness your thinking and watch stressful thoughts melt away.

Your Spirit

Spirit is defined as the animating or vital principle held to give life to physical organisms. When our spirit is deflated we feel sad, afraid, faithless and empty. Learn to tap back into your creative energy and power and bring light back into the neglected areas of the self.

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Who Is Lynne Baum, ERYT?

She is a deeply passionate woman on a mission to heal herself and others from self-afflicting behaviors that pull us away from our true nature. Lynne is a truth seeker and adventurer. She is positive, energetic and joyful. She also understands the importance of quiet time, meditation and introspection as a way to develop our inner space so we can feel comfortable in our own skin. Lynne practices and teaches self-love and self-care and creates space for others to process emotions so they can open to their unique potential. Lynne knows there is no such thing as perfect and helps others accept themselves exactly as they are.

                                                            It is called Yatta Butta ~



“Lynne is my OG for yin. I have followed her from studio to studio. I eventually took her Yin Yoga immersion course and learned a lot. Thank you Lynne. No one else compares.” –Carolyn Chambers 2021





Meet Our Team

You Will Feel Completely Supported by Our Highly Educated and Dedicated Team of Teachers & Teacher Trainers

Carla Marie Toth L.Ac. MAOM

Traditional Chinese Medicine Practitioner

Carla Marie Toth has been a Licensed Acupuncturist and Practitioner of Chinese Medicine for 18 years. She has a passion for healing the body, mind and spirit. She received her Master’s in Acupuncture and Oriental Medicine from the Santa Barbara College of Oriental Medicine. Prior to finding her enthusiasm in the field, she earned her BS in Biology with an emphasis in Ecology from San Diego State University.

She loves the correlation between Ecology and the healing art of Oriental Medicine. Just as everything in each ecosystem is interdependent on each-other, so are the various aspects of human body.

She lives in Durango, Colorado, a gem in the mountains of the southwest. She hikes and camps regularly throughout the Southwest with her canine companion, Dusty-Bottoms. She is excited to use her knowledge and wisdom to educate people on the essentials of true health.

Tammy Demeres

Doctor of Physical Therapy

Tammy DeMeere has been doing body work since 1997. She began as a massage therapist, then went back to school for Physical Therapy.

She earned her Doctor of Physical therapy degree in 2007. Tammy loves to teach, write and research in addition to treating patients in the clinical setting. Tammy is a specialist in working with people who have gone through treatment for cancer. She helps them to find optimal function within their new normal. She uses Yin postures where appropriate with her patients.

Tammy has been a Yin student of Lynne’s for over a year and loves the practice. As a part of Lynne’s team, she brings the love of anatomy and encourages ownership of this information. She believes we are all on a healing journey and is excited to help facilitate furthering Yin Yoga training.

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What clients are saying:

Here's what clients are saying about Yn:
It was an amazing experience!

It was an amazing experience!

“I recently had the pleasure of attending Yin Yoga Teacher Training with Lynne. It was an amazing experience! I am an RYT200 and was familiar with Yin although I was never comfortable teaching it. After Lynne’s training, I am ready to teach Yin Yoga! The information she presented was comprehensive and there was plenty of hands on. Lynne made sure she answered all of our questions, she explained and demonstrated all of the poses. I finished the training feeling knowledgeable and confident. It was a wonderful weekend, thank you Lynne!”

The cherry on the cake!

The cherry on the cake!

“I have to say that learning Yin yoga from Lynne was a really fun experience. My first real contact with like minded people, here in Michigan. She was thorough in her teaching and I learned a LOT!!! I would highly recommend Lynne to anyone wanting to learn to teach Yin Yoga. The group as a whole was awesome. All of the yoga we got to practice over the weekend was just the cherry on the cake.”

The counter-pose to my crazy world.

The counter-pose to my crazy world.

“Lynne’s Yin class has been transformative for me. Under Lynne’s expert instruction, my body is gradually unlocking and years of misuse, injury, and trauma are set free. Yin is an intense experience, not for the feint of heart, but the rewards of exploring Yin with Lynne transcend the brief hour devoted to this practice. the counter-pose to my crazy world. Life is frantic and harried and stressful: Yin with Lynne is Thanks, Lynne!”

I was astonished!

I was astonished!

“In the summer of this year I was playing tennis three times each week and walking 2-3 miles a day about 4 days a week. Then something changed. I was so stiff in my hip joints that I could hardly move to play tennis or walk with my friends. My legs felt like two stumps. Eventually I started taking ibuprofen several days a week just to help with the pain. I went to an Integrative Medicine session to see if I was eating something or having an autoimmune reaction to something that was causing this change to no avail. I thought I would have to give up tennis and cardio exercise forever. Then one day I stumbled upon Lynne’s Yin yoga classes offered each week at a local studio and decided to tried it out, not expecting any particular result. I was astonished at the improvement. My hip pain decreased as my flexibility improved. I am only able to attend one day a week, but even at just that, I have not taken an oral analgesic for over a month now and can run on the tennis court without pain or flexibility issues. I consider this amazing. I am so grateful to have found Lynne’s class and what I believe is the secret for me to exercise at my age.

Be authentic!

Be authentic!

Lynne is one of my all time favorite teachers! She is always inspiring & freshly on-point! She’s authentic, devoted & cool! Soul-sister!

Take it to the next level.

Take it to the next level.

"Having Lynne as my yoga instructor has expanded my yoga practice and experience. For sixteen weeks every Tuesday evening I benefited from her mindful and focused instruction. She helped bring me to a more advanced place on my yoga mat. Thank you Lynne! Janice D.

Lynne has inspired me to take my yoga practice to higher levels. Because of her encouragement, I pushed myself to my edge…stuck it out…put my mind on my breath and on personal growth. What you think about, you bring about. Lynne’s enthusiasm after all these years will get your attention. She will take you to the next level."

Be your best!

Be your best!

"Lynne is a teacher who really gives her all every class to every student."

I can't say enough!

I can't say enough!

“Thank you so very much for an inspiring weekend of learning. It was such a wonderful experience.

I can’t say enough about what a great experience I had doing Yin Teacher Training with Lynne. Lynne’s teacher training program reflects her vast knowledge of not only yoga, but also meditation and spirituality. She creates a space that is welcoming and safe for people with varying levels of experience. It was fun and she fostered a sense of community within our group. I left feeling energized, enthusiastic and well-prepared. I look forward to attending more trainings in the future.”

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