Why Should You Be Practicing Yin Yoga?

You've Never Tried Yin Before?

Yin yoga is a special kind of yoga that brings all of the same benefits as other styles, but it targets the joints of the body on a physical level and healing to the meridian system on an energetic level.

Yin Yoga concentrates specifically on the Yin part of the body, which is between the ribs and knees. Yin also stimulates energy flow through the meridian channels that feed the internal organs.

Yin Yoga helps bring balance into busy, fast paced life by helping us learn to

You Want To Become More Flexible?

Yin is known as the Yoga for “Flexibility” and targets the connective tissue of the joints. Other styles of yoga target the muscle and help with strength and mobility. Whereas Yin improves flexibility, what they call your range of motion or ROM in anatomy.

By holding the postures while relaxing the muscle, the stretch reaches deep into the joints where the bones are connected by ligaments. Ligaments are super strong, dry, plastic-like tissues. This is why it is necessary to hold each posture for longer periods of time. in order to create any lasting change.

You Want To Stop Worrying?

During the Yin postures the sensations of the body help bring the mind away from thinking and towards feeling. When we get present with the body we begin to develop the capacity to turn our attention away from worry so more creative thoughts can roll in.

Most Yin postures are done close to the earth so we can relax and be still for some time. During the time you have the opportunity to watch the thoughts without judging them, When we see the thought as just a thought we can experience different perspectives of the situations in our lives. This is true empowerment!

You Want To Improve Your Focus?

By seeing your body and mind from this new viewpoint you are able to create some space where the mind can relax and allow different perspectives in. By widening the lens on things we are able to let go more deeply, which also helps with the physical healing of the body

Better focus and concentration can also develop while practicing Yin Yoga and eventually seep into the everyday moments of life. This is called Dharana in the eight limb system of Yoga.

You Want To Awaken Your Spirit?

The deeper we can relax the easier it is to drop into the spaces of the body, mind and heart. In these spaces we are set free to explore a more natural state of bliss, the one we were born with. Some call it spirit or God or universe. No matter what you call it Yin will help you know who you are on a deeper and more compassionate level.

You Want To End Lower Back Pain?

25% of people in this country report lower back pain in a 3 month period. They say sitting is the new smoking and can lead to lower back pain especially for those who have sedentary jobs. Yin Yoga can help reduce the pressure that can lead to issues such a s sciatica and pain in the lumbar and sacrum. By re-aligning the pelvic girdle by lengthening the front hip tissue the low back tissue can ease.

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What clients are saying:

Here's what clients are saying about Yn:
It was an amazing experience!

It was an amazing experience!

“I recently had the pleasure of attending Yin Yoga Teacher Training with Lynne. It was an amazing experience! I am an RYT200 and was familiar with Yin although I was never comfortable teaching it. After Lynne’s training, I am ready to teach Yin Yoga! The information she presented was comprehensive and there was plenty of hands on. Lynne made sure she answered all of our questions, she explained and demonstrated all of the poses. I finished the training feeling knowledgeable and confident. It was a wonderful weekend, thank you Lynne!”

The cherry on the cake!

The cherry on the cake!

“I have to say that learning Yin yoga from Lynne was a really fun experience. My first real contact with like minded people, here in Michigan. She was thorough in her teaching and I learned a LOT!!! I would highly recommend Lynne to anyone wanting to learn to teach Yin Yoga. The group as a whole was awesome. All of the yoga we got to practice over the weekend was just the cherry on the cake.”

The counter-pose to my crazy world.

The counter-pose to my crazy world.

“Lynne’s Yin class has been transformative for me. Under Lynne’s expert instruction, my body is gradually unlocking and years of misuse, injury, and trauma are set free. Yin is an intense experience, not for the feint of heart, but the rewards of exploring Yin with Lynne transcend the brief hour devoted to this practice. the counter-pose to my crazy world. Life is frantic and harried and stressful: Yin with Lynne is Thanks, Lynne!”

I was astonished!

I was astonished!

“In the summer of this year I was playing tennis three times each week and walking 2-3 miles a day about 4 days a week. Then something changed. I was so stiff in my hip joints that I could hardly move to play tennis or walk with my friends. My legs felt like two stumps. Eventually I started taking ibuprofen several days a week just to help with the pain. I went to an Integrative Medicine session to see if I was eating something or having an autoimmune reaction to something that was causing this change to no avail. I thought I would have to give up tennis and cardio exercise forever. Then one day I stumbled upon Lynne’s Yin yoga classes offered each week at a local studio and decided to tried it out, not expecting any particular result. I was astonished at the improvement. My hip pain decreased as my flexibility improved. I am only able to attend one day a week, but even at just that, I have not taken an oral analgesic for over a month now and can run on the tennis court without pain or flexibility issues. I consider this amazing. I am so grateful to have found Lynne’s class and what I believe is the secret for me to exercise at my age.

Be authentic!

Be authentic!

Lynne is one of my all time favorite teachers! She is always inspiring & freshly on-point! She’s authentic, devoted & cool! Soul-sister!

Take it to the next level.

Take it to the next level.

"Having Lynne as my yoga instructor has expanded my yoga practice and experience. For sixteen weeks every Tuesday evening I benefited from her mindful and focused instruction. She helped bring me to a more advanced place on my yoga mat. Thank you Lynne! Janice D.

Lynne has inspired me to take my yoga practice to higher levels. Because of her encouragement, I pushed myself to my edge…stuck it out…put my mind on my breath and on personal growth. What you think about, you bring about. Lynne’s enthusiasm after all these years will get your attention. She will take you to the next level."

Be your best!

Be your best!

"Lynne is a teacher who really gives her all every class to every student."

I can't say enough!

I can't say enough!

“Thank you so very much for an inspiring weekend of learning. It was such a wonderful experience.

I can’t say enough about what a great experience I had doing Yin Teacher Training with Lynne. Lynne’s teacher training program reflects her vast knowledge of not only yoga, but also meditation and spirituality. She creates a space that is welcoming and safe for people with varying levels of experience. It was fun and she fostered a sense of community within our group. I left feeling energized, enthusiastic and well-prepared. I look forward to attending more trainings in the future.”

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