3 Teachers & 30 hours of Training

If you’re a yoga teacher who desires to teach a slower, more meditative form of yoga that improves joint flexibility without strain, then this training is for you!

In 6 Days You Can Master the Fundamentals of Yin Yoga.

Testimony from March 2022 YYTT

I began this training purely on a inner call to explore Yin Yoga and a love for diving deeper into my yoga practice.  What I found was so much more. I couldn’t believe the relief I felt from hip pain I had been suffering from for months after only the first weekend of learning the Yin postures. It was truly amazing!  I am also usually someone who gets so in my head when learning new information I make myself anxious.  The care that goes into making the information clear is evident.  Lynne’s training made me comfortable with all the materials and never once did I worry about what I was learning. I am filled with so much excitement to offering such a healing practice to my guests. I have an eagerness to share what I have learned with students and bring the YINside of yoga to my home studio. I am inspired by Lynne’s passion and so grateful to add her, Carla, Tammy and the rest of my class to my yoga family!  This training has been a true blessing!  J.Z. March 2022

In 6 days, you can Master the Fundamentals of Yin Yoga

With the support of Lynne Baum, a yoga teacher with 20 years of experience, and 2 other experts on Chinese Medicine and Anatomy, you will understand the basis for this powerful method that balances Chi and increases joint mobility.

Join us for our Yin Yoga Teacher Training starting on March 11th at our special offer of $100 off when you sign up before Feb. 15th

AND Get Free Access to All Live & Recorded Yin with Lynne Yoga Classes Immediately After You Sign Up!

For YA Members: Receive 30 Hours of CEU Credits with Yoga Alliance after you complete this course.


  • Seasoned Yoga Teachers Who Want To Deepen Their Understanding of Yin, the Meridians & Anatomy
  • Brand New Teachers Just Finishing or In A Teacher Training
  • Those Interested In Teaching A Slower, More Meditative Practice
  • Yoga Students With An Affinity For Yin ( future Yoga Teachers)
  • Therapists That Want To Help Clients Go Deeper Into Their Bodies
  • Physical Therapists Seeking New Ways To Open Connective Tissue
  • School Teachers Who Wants To Bring Peace & Calm Into Their Classrooms
  • Anyone Who Feels A Calling To Practice Or Teach Yin

A Note From Lynne

Namaste! My name is Lynne Baum, ERYT and I have developed a method of teaching Yin over the last decade that enables more body-mind integration, balances our energy systems and offers a simple to understand practice that students of any level can do with incredible results. I know because I have been teaching this method since 2008.

The Benefits of Yin For Your Students:

1.     Yin Balances Yang – 

Yin brings balance to the more ‘yang’ styles of yoga such as Ashtanga, Vinyasa, Kundalini and Bikram. Without the Yin aspect the Yang can do more damage than good.

2.     Enhances Meditative Flow 

It is a meditative, slow, holding-posture style of yoga that allows students to increase their intuitive connection to their body, mind and soul. Students often experience shifts from the outer to the inner/ present moment.

3.     Strengthens Joints 

Bring greater lubrication and chi to the joint system for better fluidity in movement, better sleep and greater internal peace. Yin creates structural integrity in the body to support other types of physical activity such as; weight lifting, dancing, gardening, swimming, etc. With strong and lubricated joints the body is less likely to experience tension that leads to injury. 


The Benefits of Teaching Yin For You:

1.     Expand Your Offerings 

Offer Yin Yoga classes as a complement to your existing class schedule. Students everywhere are eager to add Yin classes to their wellness regimen. 

2.     Increase Your Expertise of the  Chinese Meridians –

With so many common ailments related to chi flow, you will be able to provide your students with increased ways to heal energetic imbalances.

3. Increase Your Anatomy Expertise-

Gain wisdom and knowledge of the anatomy of the joint system and learn to help your students using the Yin Yoga postures with common ailments such as; sciatica, low back pain, frozen shoulders, etc.

4.    Offer Holistic Support for Your Student’s Growth 

The Yin poses allow you to help your students connect to their innate wisdom through stillness and meditation. The intuitive nature awakens whenever we become still and listen to the body. This IS the practice of Yin.

In this 30 Hour Training You Will Gain Practical Experience & Knowledge, And...

  1. 30 CEU Credits with Yoga Alliance
  2. Training with our YYTT Team of Experts
  3. Unlimited Access to Live & Recorded Yin with Lynne Classes immediately after sign up
  4. The Knowledge & Wisdom to Teach Yin Yoga Confidently
  5. Dozens of Sample Yin Yoga Flows to Practice
  6. Downloadable PDF’s of all Teaching Sessions
  7. Membership to our “Yin Yoga Teachers Unite” on Facebook
  8. Free Advertising on Lynne’s Site (coming soon) 
  9. A 30 Hr Yin Yoga Teacher Certification 
  10. Lifetime Access to the training recordings on Youtube 
  11. And So Much More!
This is why one teacher took this training:

“I’ve taken yin classes with Lynne many times and I just can’t see myself going through yin teacher training with anyone else. When she teaches, you can see and feel her passion for this style of yoga. I want to become certified in yin because I think it will help further my teaching and understanding of yoga. I’ve had many students request yin-style classes and I want to be able to provide that service as a properly credentialed yoga instructor.”


Lynne’s teaching team is handpicked for their love of helping others,  their passion for what they do and their kind spirits. Carla and Tammy both have achieved advanced degrees in their fields. They are highly skilled at transmitting the knowledge and wisdom they have acquired over their 20 year plus careers.

 Lynne, Carla and Tammy are all examples of women (people) who have taken on the challenges of life and became stronger because of them. You are certain to feel inspired and empowered after this training is over and ready to move forward on your path with more wisdom, courage and determination.

Lynne Baum, ERYT

Lynne has been teaching yoga full-time since 2001. She opened her first Yoga studio just 6 months after completing her 200 hour training at Namaste Yoga in Royal Oak, MI. Following in her teachers footsteps, she  has studied yoga in India several times and lives a yogic lifestyle to stay in balance.

Lynne is passionate about helping others find their true calling. She guides her students to their power to find their voice, to tune into the intuitive nature and wisdom within themselves.

Yin Yoga entered her life in 2008 following several injuries from her 15 year vinyasa practice and she has been teaching and training teachers the importance and power of Yin Yoga ever since.

Lynne has taught over 15,000 yoga classes in her 20 year career and is dedicated to the authenticity of yoga that she learned from her teachers.

Tammy DeMeere, PHD

Tammy DeMeere has been doing body work since 1997. She began as a massage therapist, then went back to school for Physical Therapy.

She earned her Doctor of Physical therapy degree in 2007. Tammy loves to teach, write and research in addition to treating patients in the clinical setting. Tammy is a specialist in working with people who have gone through treatment for cancer. She helps them to find optimal function within their new normal. She uses Yin postures where appropriate with her patients.

Tammy has been a Yin student of Lynne’s for over a year and loves the practice. As a part of Lynne’s team, she brings the love of anatomy and encourages ownership of this information. She believes we are all on a healing journey and is excited to help facilitate furthering Yin Yoga training.

Carla Marie Toth

Carla Marie Toth has been a Licensed Acupuncturist and Practitioner of Chinese Medicine for 18 years. She has a passion for healing the body, mind and spirit. She received her Master’s in Acupuncture and Oriental Medicine from the Santa Barbara College of Oriental Medicine. Prior to finding her enthusiasm in the field, she earned her BS in Biology with an emphasis in Ecology from San Diego State University.

She loves the correlation between Ecology and the healing art of Oriental Medicine. Just as everything in each ecosystem is interdependent on each-other, so are the various aspects of human body. She lives in Durango, Colorado, a gem in the mountains of the southwest. She hikes and camps regularly throughout the Southwest with her canine companion, Dusty-Bottoms. She is excited to use her knowledge and wisdom to educate people on the essentials of true health. 

Rave Reviews!

Thank you so very much for an inspiring weekend of learning. It was such a wonderful experience.

I can’t say enough about what a great experience I had doing Yin Teacher Training with Lynne. Lynne’s teacher training program reflects her vast knowledge of not only yoga, but also meditation and spirituality. She creates a space that is welcoming and safe for people with varying levels of experience. It was fun and she fostered a sense of community within our group.  I left feeling energized, enthusiastic and well-prepared.  I look forward to attending more trainings with Lynne in the future.” -Ginny Waller

Online Training Course Schedule

Our Yin Training spans across 2 weekends back to back. You are also asked to complete 5 hours or more of at home study and take a minimum of 3 – 90 minute Yin Yoga practices during the training. (recorded classes are available)

All sessions are listed in *Eastern Standard Time.


Day 1 – Friday, March 11th

Day 2 – Saturday, March 12th
12-3pm & 4- 6pm

Day 3 – Sunday March 13th
12-3pm & 4- 6pm


Note: Monday through Friday you can attend as many of Lynne’s live  classes as you would like. OR you can request the recordings instead.


Day 1 – Friday March 18th – 5 -9pm

Day 2 – Saturday March 19th
12- 3pm & 4- 6pm

Day 3 – Sunday March 20th
12- 3pm &
4- 6pm


Invest in Yourself & Your Students

Tuition for our 30 Hour Yin Teacher Training Certification Course is $799. ( Sign up before Feb. 15th and save $100)

Please Leave a $100 Deposit to Reserve Your Space Or Pay Tuition in Full – Pay $699 (before Feb. 15th)

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Note – Old Students Only: Level 2 Certification 10 Hours $249 (Attend weekend 2 only)

More Rave Reviews!

“Lynne is a beautiful soul. Initially I was nervous to do an online training. But her passion for Yin and for her teaching made me feel so comfortable. 

I had the pleasure of taking one of her first online Yin Yoga trainings during the earlier days of Covid. The training was done in a way that we were all able to learn and connect just as we would in a live studio training. Lynne immediately created a sense of community. To me it is super important that I feel comfortable when learning something new among new people.

The training was taught in a way that was easily digestible and we practiced what she taught from the first class, which to me is also extremely important in learning something new.

Thank you Lynne, Tammy & Carla for sharing your love and passion for Yin. Keep shining your light!”